Monday, 1 August 2011

100 cols - Pyrénées

The cols in the Pyrénées were a surprise: really steep, epecially some lesser known ones like Gamia, Burdincurucheta, Marie Blanque. Going down on few of them, my rims almost caught fire from braking and sometimes I preferred walking downhill. I went over Pyrénées in 5 high powered days of some serious climbing, with second day (3359 m of climbing) and third day (2872 m) packed with legendary Tour de France passes. The top of the highest passes were still in the clouds, and it was accordingly chilly up there, but no matter if I rode in sunshine or in the shadow, I was always soaked from sweat as I reached the top. At times my lower back was giving me pain and sometimes I wished I had a triple instead of compact double, but now, looking back, I think I'd go with the same set up again, maybe investing some time in exercises to strengthen the core.

Village on the St. Jacque pilgrimage.

Vista in the Pyrénées.
Top of the climb?

Sheep from Mars. Gorgonzola probably comes from their milk.

Following the stage of  Tour de France 2011.

There was as much downhills as climbs.

The top was in the clouds.

TdF remains.
Here's the biggest one in the Pyrénées.
The road down from Aubisque.

Down one of the 100 cols.
The big brother.

Major climbs have info which is important only to cyclists.
Days 8 to 13: 795 km (min 117 km, max 147 km, average 133 km). Total: 1827 km.
28 cols: Osquich, Gamia, Burdincurucheta, Bagargi, Souscousse, Soudet, Marie Blanque, Porteigt, Aubisque, Soulor, Bordères, Tourmalet, Aspin, Peyresourde, Menté, Portet d'Aspet, Core, Latrape, Agnes, Caougnous, Péguère, Marrous, D'Al Bosc, Loup, Salettes, Serrières, Cabarétou, Bane.


  1. respect Igor!
    race crocs - very special
    what kind of bag is it and how do you fix it really?
    pls. check:
    same dresscode, but no crocs - all the best13

  2. Hi horst,

    Sorry, I didn't notice your comment earlier.
    More on the bag is in the post "Packing list" in this blog, see:

    regards, Igor.

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