Monday, 18 July 2011

Packing list

My navigation tool for the 4000 km tour.
I'll be getting lighter as I ride along: throwing away one of these every 650 km.
Here's my packing list. Note that this is not a camping tour - I'll have just a bivy bag for emergency camping.  Still, quite a lot of things, although very light: 2.9 kg and 11.8 kg including the bike.

Bicycle (8900 g)
- bike, lock and computer.
Carriers (240 g)
- 2 bottle cages
- front bag on the handlebar (a camera bag)
- compression bag behind the seat
- bag for storing bivouac bag
- water bottle
Wearing (724 g)
- cap
- glases
- cycling gloves
- jersey
- cycling shorts
- socks
- crocs
Other clothes (596 g)
- wind jacket
- shorts
- leg warmers
- arm warmers
- merino socks
- nylon socks
- bathing trunks
Night riding (376 g)
- reflective jacket
- front light
- rear light
Photography (288 g)
- camera
- battery charger
Tools & spares (241 g)
- pump
- patch kit
- 2 tire levers
- 2 minitools (allen keys, screwdriver, chain tool, hex keys, spoke key)
- razor blades
- rim-cleaning rubber
- spare tube
- duct tape
- oil
Camping (262 g)
- bivouac bag
Cooking (2 g)
- plastic spoon
- plastic toothpick
Medical, higienic & sewing kit (38 g)
- tooth brush
- two razors
- skin ointment
- white medical tape
- cloth for cleaning glases
- wiping cloth
- needle with thread
Miscelaneous (94 g)
- spare glases
- cue sheets
- notes, pencil
- ID, phone card, credit card

The close-up of seat bag attachment.

Here is how it was packed. Most of the stuff was in a sleeping bag's compression bag strapped behind the seat. Camera and tools were in a small camera bag on the handlebar. Spare tube and lock were at bike's headtube. Rain jacket and arm warmers were on the bottle cage, in bivy bag's storing bag. The bike has double compact crankset (50/34), 12-27 cassette and 23-622 tires.


  1. Very interesting, as ever. You must've been tempted to make the reflective jacket the only jacket, perhaps?

  2. It's more like a vest (gillet) without sleeves. If it had sleeves, that would certainly be the only jacket. Still, it will probably be good also as an additional layer if the weather turns exceptionaly cold/wet (on the passes).

  3. I like your style! Read the CTC mag article which has made me rethink my approach to the Alps in June. Nelson longflat is getting canned!

    Have to say I like the crocs idea, but love my Look cleats. Found these via google, Powergrips Pedal Straps, might give them a try. Cheers.

  4. Where did you get that great seat bag? That is the ideal size and not having a reack is important to great cycling. This is really the ideal set up. I am planning to do something similar this summer, but I need to find an appropriate seat bag!

  5. mike,

    the seat bag is just a storage bag that came with one of mine sleeeping bags. I added two straps, the upper one is ordinary nylon strap with a buckle, the lower one is home-made velcro strap. I think any king of (dry) bag would do, in an emergency even a garbage bag.

    P.S. It seems this is a very popular subject, so I added a close up picture.

  6. JB,

    I'll most likely repeat the 100 cols this summer. Will stick with the crocs, no need for powergrips.


  7. Still, quite a lot of things, although very light: 2.9 kg and 11.8 kg including the bike. Gui hang quoc te